How to identify a person?

As human nature we start assuming that everyone is our friend and will understand the struggles without being judgemental but rarely that is true. Before opening up with anyone identify a person.

How would you identify any person without their background maybe you are aware of their background but a person can easily pretend. I wouldn’t tell you that you can make out a person in one meeting but the consistent meet-ups will slowly open the person to yourself to identify whether he can be a good friend or now.


To identify anyone you need to observe the way they talk about others. I repeat it is what form of opinion they actually make up about others. Being funny is different and insulting someone and thinking you are being funny is something I would observe. Insulting a person whom you dont even know says a lot about the person himself the way he passes judgements and talks about others can indicate that if you are no longer friends with that person he or she can talk about you the same way to others in your absence

Do not talk about personal life

The key rule is never to talk about your personal life to anyone just yet. Observe and give at least a year you think the person is trustworthy then you can perhaps share but the point is even if you talk about personal life how is it even going to help you? you may get some relevant advice but to be honest not everyone cares and most of them are glad you have problems. It is better to vent out all the frustrations in a diary or tell to someone in your family who can actually give you a piece of advice like your parent and siblings apart from them trust me no one really cares unless you are his friend for more than a decade.

Do things and see if they reciprocate

A friendship is always a two way business. There is nothing called one sided in relationships and friendships. Initiate few things and see if they reciprocate and if they just keep telling you they will and never do then time to move on. I don’t mean keep high expectations but when you do something for a person and if they dont reciprocate trust me there is no point. Just move on and find some other friend and dont waste your time. you only will get hurt today or may be in future. Its better to be on own than in a bad company.

These are some points I feel would be relevant to understand if the person you are befriending is worth it. Please, clap and follow for more such reads.

Thank you for reading :)



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An Ordinary Person With Extraordinary Experiences

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