The art of Learning

There are some people whom you meet in your lifetime who usually get comfortable with their jobs and are really great at it and experienced but ever wondered if those people who are the star performers at your company may not necessarily be so good outside their comfort zone. In order to not be like that the wisest thing one must do is invest in learning. Learning needs a mindset more than time.

Time is necessary but more than the time I would stress on mindset and quest and thirst for learning. If you want to progress in life the simple things you should do is what others are not doing. It's not just learning but also putting your learning to use. I wouldn't say spend a lot of money investing in doing courses there are a lot of free materials online nowadays that you can even get a grip on a few topics without even investing. Go out of the way to research and learn. Read articles, and educate yourself. Make the best out of what you want to be.

Dream to Achieve

Dreaming is good but achieving is the feeling which gets you to do more. Dont just settle for anything and anytime. You can work and get what you want. The process takes time, energy, lots of patience and self-trust. The process is painful but the end result is amazing.


Opinions don't matter when you believe in yourself. The first step is to believe you can do and half the job is done when you have that belief. when you think negative, negative things happen. It's like a law of attraction what you assume is what you become. Taking Opinions is good at times to get the experience but never believe that you will go through what others have gone through. Learn from others’ failures but do not become overconfident.

Do not reveal your plans

The major step is not to reveal your plans to anyone who cannot understand and sometimes even to closest friends because no one cares. I repeat No one cares and people can ruin things especially when you are failing in something. Failing is personal. no one needs to know and so you should not even reveal your plans to people. Just do your thing in silence. Ask for input from people who have done it most of the time strangers are more helpful than your known friends.

Celebrate your success

You do not have to necessarily shout out your success or display a hoarding but make sure you celebrate the small success only you know how much effort you have put to achieve them so treat yourself with gifts and celebrate.



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An Ordinary Person With Extraordinary Experiences

An Ordinary Person With Extraordinary Experiences

I pen my experiences and write on varied topics. Aspiring to be a content & full-time writer. I am an MBA professional. I follow everyone who follows me.