The story of working in corporate

Growing up in a family where education was inevitable and learning if you are not educated and dont find a Job you will be dependent on someone’s entire life. I started seeing people working in corporate and held the same dream of working for a brand a multi-national company. Although it pays my bills and it has helped me with a shelter and food often I feel is this not a very costly deal as I am losing the most important thing which I can never reverse is my Time.

Dedicating half my life working in corporate in the finance sector has been quite a learning but I lost time, Happiness which I can never get back. Wish I felt the same 10 years back and I quit corporate and did something on my own.

How corporate wears and tears you

Every weekday you feel that you have to get up keep up with time and reach the office. Although many people curse covid I realised where is my life going? A rat race. I want to stay home spend time with my family and decorate my home. with a corporate job, it may be possible when you are working from home but you are again restricted with time as the clock is ticking and if you have a guilt feeling that your boss is tracking your time you are more daunted than 90% of bosses do micromanage. It’s only 10% who dont care about time if the task is done.

You lose health

Half the time you are sitting on the laptop and away from the outside world. looking at spreadsheets and resolving issues which no one encountered but you will be expected to resolve as that’s why you have been hired for. You lose health as the stress of not being able to resolve goes straight on your mind and that starts impacting your body.


Although you do earn decent money to pay your bills and as a Chartered accountant and MBA with 10 years experience in different multi-national companies and countries. I realised that no matter where you clear degree of engineering. Engineers are paid more than anyone and I repeat ENgineers draw the hefty cheques. I am not sure about the stress they take as I see most of my friends are more chilled out than I am after 10 years of experience and they draw double what I draw. I feel that’s not fair as I studied 4 years more than I did and I also invest in continuous professional development but my skills are less demanding than theirs. I tried getting into coding but I lacked the basic foundation so I struggled and I had to drop out. I dont envy them but I just feel I am losing whole my life to people who dont matter and who wouldn’t even visit me when I am sick.

Is it worth it?

If you need money it may be worth it for the short term but if you have other means when someone else can pay bills, by all means, start investing your time in yourself not to work in a corporate but to be independent of any job and invest in yourself.

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An Ordinary Person With Extraordinary Experiences

An Ordinary Person With Extraordinary Experiences

I pen my experiences and write on varied topics. Aspiring to be a content & full-time writer. I am an MBA professional. I follow everyone who follows me.