Thinking of career change? Where to begin?

Career change but dont know where to begin

Career changes can be daunting and doubtful if you have no idea on where to begin and how to get started. If you have been on a career route for many years and earning good salary career changes can be daunting but when you aim to do something you will have to dream and initiate

Career change is something everyone thinks about at some point in time in their lives but due to a lack of direction and guidance, we settle for something we dislike and continue with the same route even when we dislike it. In order to change a career, you need to start laying the foundation when you have decided that you definitely need a career change but where to get started is always a question mark. more than where to get started. How to get started is the scariest thing.

Understand your interests

At some point in our lives, we do understand what we enjoy and what we dont enjoy doing. If you enjoy cooking you know you would want to do something in cooking like become a chef or maybe start a youtube tutorial. If you like teaching then perhaps you can start training to be a teacher. Understand what you like in the long run and teach yourself that skill. No one said it will happen overnight. It requires patience and perseverance till then you would want to continue what you are currently doing and make a switch when you have learned the skills.

Invest your time

Once you are aware of your interest the next thing is to pauseyour current career if you have the privilege to do else try doing things simultaneously if you can. It is a little pain which will lead you to long-term gain. Nothing comes easy and you have to put your efforts to achieve the dream. Learning is a process it takes time. Be ready to invest time and effort in what you aim to achieve and you will definitely achieve it as there is always a light at the end of the tunnel even though it takes long

Follow the communities and groups who are in that career

Try to join communities and groups where you can get guidance from people who are already there in that career. Your biggest supporters are always strangers. Try t contact and get information and follow people who are in that career stream already.

Gather resources

If you are aiming to learn a software course then you will need resources to gain the resources and teach yourself or join a course and do as much research as you can. The best thing in the world is to do as much research as you can and get materials and educate yourself


Finally, when you are ready to apply for the openings or if you are becoming self-employed get the clients and start making a switch. Initially, there will be disappointments and heartbreaks but they will only teach you things in the long run. Never give up even if you fall it will be temporary. Get up and keep applying. One day you will be there what you actually dreamt.

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An Ordinary Person With Extraordinary Experiences

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